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Keiko Yumoto CMT 35614

office : 125 2nd street Oakland, CA 94607 (in aqua via)

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*****The office will be closed from Tuesday, October 15 through Thursday, October 24. I will be seeing clients as usual on Friday, October 25*****


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Deep tissue and myofascial release

  This is my favorite modality. I believe that the work should be both pleasant and relaxing, so I integrate relaxation techniques into even the most therapeutic bodywork.  Myofascial release is simply a focus upon freeing and stretching the strong and fibrous inelastic tissue surrounding our muscles for support. 


Although it may use more pressure than conventional massage, deep tissue is not painful, and the skill is to sink to tension in deeper layers of the body rather than just pushing hard. To accomplish this I utilize many tools to accomplish my goals including knuckles, fists, forearms and elbows depending upon the depth and precision  of focus. People find the work very pleasurable, relaxing, and with long lasting results of freer movement, alleviation of pain, speed recovery from injury, and better posture as compressive shortening is released.  The strokes are often shorter and slower, with a goal of grabbing and stretching short muscles and fascia while using less lubrication.