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Keiko Yumoto CMT 35614

office : 125 2nd street Oakland, CA 94607 (in aqua via)

call/text  : 206-898-1918

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***** The office will be closed from Sunday, September 22 through Sunday, September 29. I will be seeing clients on Monday, September 30.*****


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~ Massage and bodywork in Oakland’s Jack London neighborhood ~

My sessions vary greatly according to your needs.  My philosophy is that most of the problems that benefit from bodywork are due to short and fibrous tissue that needs to be relaxed and stretched to release the tension for long lasting improvement.  Because most of our restrictions and discomfort manifest themselves in movement up in gravity as we lead our active lives,  we change positions during our sessions to approximate these restrictions that limit your mobility, sometimes even working off the table in seated positions.

Blending relaxation with clinical therapy:  I find that solving problems is very rewarding, but also enjoy just giving more traditional massage. There is no need for you to have to choose between relaxation massage or “serious” therapy. Relaxation and feeling good should be an important part of bodywork, even if the major goals are therapeutic. I recommend longer sessions with plenty of time for specific spot work on complaints, but integrated with holistic attention to relaxation and pleasure.